WCML 019: Exploring truthfulness with Catherine Caine

With Catherine Caine:

Catherine is wild and uncouth,
Australian, a geek, and a sleuth.
She loves cash and joy
But that’s just a decoy,
For today we’re exploring the truth.


  • physical and spiritual nudity
  • wearing masks and/or strategically placed socks
  • The Truthful Cat
  • when to not be truthful
  • The Surgeon’s Truth
  • trusting your clients
  • truthfulness in marketing
  • true vs. original
  • recipes vs. frameworks

Catherine referenced a couple of posts, if you’d like to read more, here they are:

And here’s the link to that Patrick Stewart video we mentioned on the podcast.

You can find Catherine Caine at Cash and Joy and Mediocre Be Damned

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