WCML 022: The Instinctual Variants of the Enneagram, with Aine Ni Cheallaigh and Kelly Kingman

Our guests today: Aine and Kelly.
As clever as Machiavelli.
But minus the treason.
And that’s just one reason
They’re famous from here to New Delhi.

Aine Ni Cheallaigh teaches us about the instinctual variants of the Enneagram, and we figure out Kelly, Kyeli, and Pace’s instinctual stacks.


  • The 3 instinctual variants: Self-Preservation, Sexual, and Social
  • we are animals
  • “Your personality sits on top of your instincts”
  • the goal is balance
  • the instincts at higher levels
  • “Putting yourself in the way of good”


You can find Aine and Kelly together at VisualEnneagram.com. You can find Aine at infiniteandtransitory.com and Kelly at kingmanink.com.

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