WCML 026: Going car-free with Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens

She lives in a house that is mobile.
She does good, both local and global.
She has no TV,
And she’s also car-free.*
I speak of our friend Tammy Strobel.

We’re thinking of going car-free, so we invited Tammy Strobel to be on our podcast so we could ask her about all the ups and downs of her car-free experience.


  • “Being car-free has helped me be less materialistic and more focused on relationships.” -Tammy Strobel
  • Tammy’s tiny house
  • decluttering, RV life, and enoughism
  • 30-day trials

*Tammy is not actually car-free anymore, but she was for 5 years!

You can find Tammy Strobel at RowdyKittens.com.

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