WCML 027: Selfies are awesome, with Vivienne McMaster

Self-love is the way she will live,
And also the gift she will give.
She’ll tell you a selfie
Is actually healthy:
Please give a warm welcome to Viv!

Selfies are awesome. Here’s why.


  • selfie vs. self-portrait
  • What’s up with all the selfie shaming?
  • selfies as an expression of self-love and self-acceptance
  • selfies as a fun romp where we go fight some demons (with chocolate!)
  • selfies as revolution against body shame
  • selfies as an expression of the Divine Feminine


You can find Vivienne McMaster at beyourownbeloved.com (a new Be Your Own Beloved class begins in February!) and you can check out her tribe’s selfies on Instagram at the hashtag #beyourownbeloved.

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