WCML 028: Shattering self-installed glass ceilings with Melissa Dinwiddie

Melissa Dinwiddie has told
Us all we’re allowed to unfold.
To rest and to give,
To grow and to live
A life that’s creative and bold.

We all have glass ceilings that are limiting us. Some are self-installed, some (like gender roles) are installed by society. Let’s shatter them!


  • dove butt bump
  • self-awareness + self-compassion = the key to everything good
  • “I just want to make enough to get by.”
  • improv and self-defense class beats an MBA
  • self-expression is necessary for self-awareness
  • women communicate by agreeing, men communicate by disagreeing
  • experimenting by trying on identities/habits/fashions/etc.
  • living an intentional life
  • the train conductor and the jeep driver
  • Melissa plays “Eye Candy” on her ukelele!


You can find Melissa at MelissaDinwiddie.com and you can listen to more of her songs at MelissaSings.com!

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