WCML 034: The 38th day, the geography of loss, and disability

“Live like it could go away,”
As Patti Digh’s been known to say.
But here is the quandary:
Why do the laundry?
We’ll stink on the 38th day.

In Life is a Verb, Patti Digh wrote about living life as though you had 37 days to live. If I only had 37 days to live, I would spend my life savings and not bother doing the laundry. How can we have both? And we end up talking a lot about grief and disability.


  • the 38th day
  • “I’m playing this game of life to learn, not to win.” -Patti Digh
  • The 3 steps in dealing with loss:
    1. embrace what is
    2. honor what was
    3. love what will be
  • embrace vs. collapse
  • “I fell down. And I still want the damn sandwich.”
  • disability is like coming out
  • we conflate noticing a difference with making a judgment.


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