WCML 035.5: Authentic Connection vs. the Facebook “Like” button, with Schmutzie aka Elan Morgan

For two weeks, a self-imposed strike
From clicking the button marked “Like.”
Now Schmutzie’s agreed
To speak of her feed
And chat with a queer and a dyke.

Schmutzie has been experimenting with not clicking the “Like” button on Facebook, and inspired by her, Kyeli and I have too. Here’s what we’ve noticed about our Facebook feeds, our connections, our illusions of connections, and vulnerability.

And Instagram, because why not.


  • Schmutzie’s “don’t click Like” experiment
  • How it affected her feed
  • How it affected her connections
  • nobody notices when you stop liking things
  • “connection-flavored junk food”
  • Facebook lists
  • Instagram
  • The “Love > Like” Facebook group
  • ending conversations. “I hereby declare this conversation to be at a reasonable stopping point.”
  • feeling guilty or rude
  • liking pages
  • my Pathfinding group
  • authentic connections on the internet
  • people think of online as a “fake place”
  • “Vulnerability is my spiritual practice.” -Elan Morgan
  • “The more vulnerable I get, the more awesome my life is.” -Kyeli
  • commenting “like”, smileys, and hearts


You can find Schmutzie at schmutzie.com. You can find Elan Morgan at elanmorgan.com. They are the same person, so those links will both take you to the same place.

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