WCML 037: Connection abuse

It’s awesome to show your affection
To customers, with one objection
That I must stipulate:
Do not manipulate;
Do not abuse your connection.

Connection can be super helpful for your business – it can help build your reputation by word of mouth and great reviews. But if you abuse that connection with your customers, it can turn sour for both the business owner and the customer.


  • How healthy connection can help your business
  • What is connection abuse and how can you recognize it?
  • A near-the-line case of connection abuse on etsy
  • A clear-cut case of connection abuse by a realtor
  • The difference between “I’m buying a couch” and “Kyeli is dying” (don’t worry, Kyeli is not actually dying)
  • Where to draw the line between healthy connection and abusive connection?

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