WCML 038: How can King Arthur sit at the Round Table?

King Arthur sits down at the table.
Equality now turns unstable.
We ask you, dear readers,
How can we, as leaders,
Make forums as round as we’re able?

As heart-centered leaders, we want to create communities where everyone feels safe and everyone is equal – like a circle. But how can we be leaders at the same time we are peers? It’s like King Arthur sitting down at the Round Table and expecting everyone else to treat him like any other knight. We give several examples (positive and negative) of communities we’ve been part of, both as participants and leaders, and explore how we can get the best of both worlds.


  • paid communities
  • vulnerability on the part of the leader – when is it helpful and when is it collapse?
  • unpaid communities
  • spiral dynamics
  • The Spiderman Contrapositive
  • dictatorship vs. consensus
  • love and power


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