WCML 041: Beyond Maiden Mother Crone, with Danielle Cornelius

The Maiden, the Mother, the Crone:
A triptych that seems set in stone.
But Danielle Cornelius
Unveils the mysterious;
There’s more than just these three alone.

A wild ride through the broken systems we live in, balancing our energies and breaking free from limiting boxes!


  • Maiden, Mother, Queen, Crone
  • the hormone that makes you want to help everyone
  • a transgender perspective on all this
  • the Enneagram and masculine/feminine energy
  • why do we label these two energies “masculine” and “feminine”?
  • what you can do with all this newfound knowledge about masculine and feminine energy
  • what’s wrong with the Western medical system, and what you can do to make the best of it
  • the patriarchy isn’t men oppressing women, it’s the system oppressing all of us

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You can find Danielle Cornelius at SheBody.care.

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