WCML 045: Creating Space for Meaningful Conversation, with Heather Plett

She helps everybody she’s met
To live life with zero regret.
She helps out Uganda
And once was a panda,
A warm welcome to Heather Plett.

How can we create space for meaningful, deep conversations, whether it’s in a group or one-on-one?


  • Heather hosted a conversation about racism in Winnipeg
  • The Circle Way
  • The Art of Hosting
  • World Cafe
  • The 4 levels of listening (Otto Scharmer)
  • speaking to the center
  • how you can use this for difficult one-on-one conversations
  • permission
  • host yourself first
  • Heather takes us through an example of how she creates space for her Women’s Circle
  • do you need a leader? a guardian?
  • tending the rim
  • coming out
  • circling with the unwilling/resistant

Heather PlettLinks:

You can find Heather at HeatherPlett.com.

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