WCML 046: Losing your way with Gemma Stone

It’s easy to doubt and bemoan
When crashing into the unknown.
But sometimes the wreck
Is part of the trek,
Says the lovely and wise Gemma Stone.

Being off path is part of the path.


  • Gemma’s 25th birthday epiphany
  • clean fear, messy fear, and pathfear
  • losing your way
  • loving being off path
  • Pace losing her way: playing video games
  • Gemma losing her way: chocolate and orgasms
  • Kyeli losing her way: miscarriage and getting hit by a car
  • “There’s purpose in pain; there are lessons in the mess.”
  • the dangerous side of “there’s purpose in pain”
  • negativity bias, black paintbrush, white paintbrush
  • Kyeli’s long, dark tea-time of the soul
  • fashion

gemmaYou can find Gemma at gemmastone.org.

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