WCML 047: God as an emergent property of the universe

Let’s talk about this, ’cause it’s urgent:
Let’s clean out our brains with detergent.
Let’s cast aside
That God is outside,
And think about God as emergent.

A conversation about a different perspective on the Divine; not as a separate entity or a separate force, but as an emergent property of the universe.


  • What is an emergent property?
  • It’s like a hurricane in the weather system.
  • It’s like consciousness in the brain.
  • Is God like a dude in the sky?
  • Is Spirit like an all-pervading mist?
  • God as an emergent property of the universe
  • We are like cells in the body of God.
  • Is suffering like taking your cat to the vet?
  • Child development and the pain of losing Oneness
  • We are all co-creating God with every breath.


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