WCML 049: Wild Crazy Meaningful Friendships, with Kylie Bellard

Let’s talk about friends old and new:
Which to ditch, which to pursue.
Today’s special guest
Has oft effervesced;
We have not one Kylie, but two!


  • friendship shame/taboos
  • “A good friendship is important enough to risk awkwardness.” -Pace Smith
  • The Ratchet Effect: “You can deepen, but not shallowen”
  • deconflating friendship
  • internet friends vs. in-person friends
  • Pace’s takeaway: the usual error in regards to the word “friend”
  • Kyeli’s takeaway: know what your friendship style is and communicate that with your friends
  • Kylie’s takeaway: break social norms in your friendships!


You can find Kylie at effervescence.me, and you can also check out her class on friendship: Silver and Gold: An Adventure in Making and Keeping Friends. It starts on April 27th!

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p.s. If you noticed that episode 49 came out early, congratulations on paying attention! We’re not bad at counting, we’re just nonconformists. We mixed up the order so you could listen to this one while Kylie’s course is still open for registration!

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