WCML 051: Love Like You Don’t Share a Bathroom with Patty Newbold

To help your relationship bloom Averting all flavors of doom Dismiss your illusions Don't jump to conclusions; Love is the thing to assume.


  • Assume Love
  • Miller’s Law
  • Pace, why do you put your empty coffee cup next to the sink?
  • Kyeli, how could you have bought me the shampoo that I asked you to get for me?
  • Patty got stuck in the bathtub
  • You can assume love and still take care of your own protection.
  • look for the third alternative
  • Compromise = “I’m willing to take some pain as long as the person I love the most gets the same amount of pain.”
  • “Expect to be loved, and expect that all the ways you thought you would be loved are wrong.”
  • “Every expectation is a premeditated resentment.”
  • “We don’t trust that we’ve chosen someone wonderful enough that what they will give us is even better than what we expected to receive.”
  • “I love you” vs. “I’m in love with you”
  • this also applies to good friendships and relationships with your children
  • Assume your customers want to buy what I’m selling if it will help them.
  • The question to identify a harmful relationship: “Would my partner protect me if anyone else tried to do to me what my partner is doing to me?”

patty_newboldYou can find Patty at assumelove.com, and keep an eye out for her upcoming book with the working title “Love Like You Don’t Share a Bathroom.”

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