WCML 067: The 11 Most Dangerous Myths About Finding Your Path

The Pace and the Kyeli of Smiths Come bearing some vigilance gifts. For your path to get finded You'd best not get blinded By these dangerous Pathfinding myths.

Step 1: Feel a calling in my heart.
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit!
But WTF is step 2?

  • Myth #1: My true calling will strike me like a lightning bolt.
  • Myth #2: My path will make use of the skills I’ve learned.
  • Myth #3: I need to quit my job to follow my path.
  • Myth #4: It’s selfish to focus on what’s best for me.
  • Myth #5: It’s unlikely I’ll ever find true fulfillment, so I might as well settle for good enough.
  • Myth #6: I must walk my path alone.
  • Myth #7: I’m too much of a mess to find my path.
  • Myth #8: Knowing my path is like having a map of the rest of my life.
  • Myth #9: My path will be epic.
  • Myth #10: My path will be hard.
  • Myth #11: My path will be easy.


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