WCML 071: Wild Crazy Meaningful Wives

We've been married 10 years of our lives, Through happiness, weirdness, and strives. So much we've been through; Now we'll tell all to you - How we're wild crazy meaningful wives!

Today is Pace and Kyeli’s 10th anniversary! This is the story of how we met, dated, and got married.

  • LiveJournal and the bi poly kinky pagan gamer geeks
  • “Your life really sucks.”
  • the application process
  • polyamory and the triad
  • our sex life
  • Witchcamp and being a 13-year-old girl
  • our son Dru
  • the pollipop
  • The Usual Error
  • the triad divorce
  • The Mango Juice Incident

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