WCML 072: Facing down your fear

When there isn't a knife-wielding stranger, When there is zero actual danger, Your fear is in vain. If you can abstain, It's a powerful, awesome game-changer.

Kyeli faced down her fear twice recently. Why is it awesome to face your fear… and how did she do it?

  • The Visit, by M. Night (spoiler-free)
  • our Creep Agreement
  • What would you tell your 13-year-old self, Kyeli?
  • scared vs. terrified
  • Kyeli faces her fear of the basement
  • Why is it awesome to face down your fear?
  • Face your animal fear on an animal level
  • Kyeli faces her fear of the farmhouse
  • the woman with the calcified amygdala
  • impatience as a force for personal growth
  • “Why are all these dogs in my showroom?” -Pace
  • How did you do it, Kyeli?


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