WCML 116: Peaceful Productivity 1: Peaceful Self-Care

Productivity? Better beware.
I’ll compare, which will lead to despair.
Instead of this struggle,
How ’bout a nice snuggle?
Let’s start off with peaceful self-care.

  • making peace with productivity
    • “I am hard on myself when I feel unproductive.” survey question. half the class agreed and the other half… strongly agreed.
    • tapes
    • rewriting tapes. you can’t erase them.
      • “I get more done in one hour when I’m well-rested than I get done in eight hours of pushing through.”
      • “I would rather be a peaceful failure than a stressed-out success.”
      • “Taking care of myself is important, valuable, and necessary.”
      • “I’m worthy of love for who I am, not for what I do.”
  • self-trust
    • we are heart people in a brain world
    • Help Wanted story
  • structure
    • resistance to structure, like “you have to go to bed now” as a kid
    • I used to think “structure meant a lack of freedom”
    • structure = “I have to get up at 8am” but it doesn’t have to be like that. It can be semi-flexible
  • acceptance and compassion. whatever you choose, even if it’s not the productive option, choose it wholeheartedly
  • resisting the things that are the most important – it’s actually a good sign
  • Spiritual practice is the magic bullet for maintaining peace.
  • Rest and play
  • Give yourself permission to be where you are and take care of yourself
  • Spaciousness inside out. Heart first, calendar second.
  • Stay-at-home retreat
  • Even a little time is enough to be kind to yourself
  • Put your own oxygen mask on first. “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” -Jack Kornfield
  • capacity management – schedule recovery days, don’t oversocial yourself before a big social thing
  • What even is self-care? How to know what is effective self-care for yourself.

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