WCML 117: Peaceful Productivity 2: Peaceful Habits

Productivity isn’t traumatic
If you make it less vague and erratic.
Don’t push and don’t force,
Instead, set the course,
Then accomplish things on automatic!

  • when it’s good to be on autopilot and when it’s dangerous. habits vs. practices (autopilot vs. mindful)
  • habits got a bad rap
    • “morning routines, morning autopilot, was what I have used, ever since high school, to get from nice comfy bed to horrible morning school or job. Autopilot doesn’t take me anyplace good.” – a past student
    • “good” habits vs. “bad” habits
    • let go of “should”
  • motivation to form a habit (see also next week)
  • Gretchen Rubin’s habit types:
  • The 6 keys to forming a habit:
    1. 30-day trial
    2. little changes
    3. one at a time
    4. trigger
    5. accountability
    6. celebrate!
  • 2 special cases:
    1. when your routine changes, either find a trigger that will stay the same, or plan to reinstate your habit later
    2. you can’t quit, you can only replace.

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