WCML 118: Peaceful Productivity 3: Peaceful Motivation

Productivity? Self-flagellation.
But only if you feel stagnation.
Begin at the root
And the rest follows suit:
Help yourself feel motivation!

  • we do what we most want to do (triple soul)
  • why this is helpful – e.g. resistance to habit, procrastination, thrashing
  • goals vs. intentions. does “goal” mean strict and rigid? if so then set an intention instead.
  • is this a “should” or “have to” goal?
  • the paradox of change
  • all-love Mondays
  • 1. not inspired? you need taste
    • the “just 5 minutes” trick – give yourself permission
    • futureme.org
    • visualize the process, not just the end result
  • 2. inspired but not motivated? you need energy
  • 3. motivated but not taking action? you need the right environment
    • smoothness
    • pickling

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