World-Changing Writing Workshop Speaker #3: Colleen Wainwright

How can I mine my humdrum life for compelling stories?

How can I produce powerful, persuasive prose?

How can I get my work in front of the right readers?

Introducing Colleen Wainwright!

Colleen Wainwright is a writer-speaker-actress who also goes by “The Communicatrix” (because it’s shorter and has less hyphens).

She spent 10 years as an award-winning TV copywriter, crafting ads for big brands and writing episodes for children’s shows. Then she spent another 10 years acting in them. Finally, she realized she’d rather expire on the spot than sit through one more meeting about which way the bears danced around the cereal box. So she quit, and started something entirely different.

She now spends most of her time teaching other creative souls how to write in a way that wins them attention, work, and satisfaction, still demonstrating unreasonable optimism in the face of doom – which is one of our favorite things about her.

Colleen will teach you how to draw your right audience to you by telling a powerful, compelling story.

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