World-Changing Writing Workshop Speaker #1: Jennifer Louden

What do I do if I feel like sharing my writing with the world would be like cracking open my soul and letting everyone see it?

How do I write when I keep putting it off til tomorrow – but tomorrow never happens?

How do I write when I’m afraid, uncomfortable, or stuck?

Introducing Jennifer Louden!

Jen is a best-selling author. She wrote The Woman’s Comfort Book, The Woman’s Retreat Book, and a bunch of other great books. She’s written for Body+Soul and been quoted in Woman’s Day, People, Health, Yoga Journal, Good Housekeeping, Shape, and Ladies Home Journal. She even hosted her own radio show on Sirius, which is pretty awesome. She was totally on Oprah, and she’s been on CNN, MS-NBC, and dozens of other shows.

And she would totally smack us if she caught us writing this bio of her because she’s ridiculously humble.

But the most important thing about Jen is that when she writes, it feels like she’s writing to you. Not to an audience of millions. Just you. It feels like she’s sitting there in your living room and you’re having a lovely chat over a cup of tea.

So, yes – she’ll show you how to connect with your readers like that. She’ll also share ways to make writing comfortable instead of terrifying, how to write when you’re feeling stuck, and how to stop putting it off til tomorrow.

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