World-Changing Writing Workshop Speaker #2: Jonathan Fields

How can I write boldly and persuasively while still being authentic?

How can I encourage others to not just share my vision, but to jump in and help to make it happen?

What makes people feel inspired? Even better, what makes people feel inspired and then actually go do something about it?

Introducing Jonathan Fields!

About a dozen years ago, Jonathan Fields left his job as a mega-firm lawyer to rebuild his living around what he loved to do and the people he loved to be around. Since then, he’s become a husband, dad, entrepreneur, author, blogger, copywriter, marketer, speaker, and even yoga teacher.

He is the author of Career Renegade, one of the top 10 small business books of 2009. More importantly than that, his words have inspired a whole bunch of people to quit their jobs and make a living doing what they love. Now that’s world-changing writing!

Jonathan will teach you how to make people jump out of their seats and take action by integrating layers of persuasion into your writing.

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