WCWW Scholarship Contest Winners!

We are pleased and proud to announce the winners of our scholarship contest!

We had 30 entrants, and every single entry was excellent. I spent all day yesterday – literally, hours and hours – pouring over the entries, reading and re-reading, laughing, crying, and then struggling to choose just three from the pool of overwhelming awesome.

And in the end, I just couldn’t do it – so, we have five winners! These are the five that made both Pace and myself cry. A lot.

  1. Megan Potter
  2. Ellie Di Julio
  3. Green Blackwell
  4. Alexia Petrakos
  5. ThinkingTooHard

Big congratulations and joy and glee to each of the five of you! Well done!

Each winning entry (and a few of the runners-up) will be posted on the blog on Mondays over the next several weeks as the workshop gets underway and rolling – so keep watch for them, because they’re excellent.

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