WCWW Words of Wisdom: Colleen Wainwright

Each Friday during the World-Changing Writing Workshop, we’ll give you our favorite tidbit from the class; a teeny tiny tasty treat!

Colleen Wainwright, aka the Communicatrix, is our accidental resident storyteller. Her little gem: You don’t have to terrify yourself on a daily basis.

Be open, be vulnerable – but take baby steps. Start small. Share something little, tell a story about running out of gas or that time you took the pie off your grandmother’s window. Be sure to inject your personal experience into your writing, be truthful, and let it go.

We give you permission to build up your storytelling muscles at whatever pace works for you.

Also, seriously, check out Colleen’s Boulder song – most assuredly not safe for work, but utterly wonderful.

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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