WCWW Words of Wisdom: Johnny B. Truant

Each Friday during the World-Changing Writing Workshop, we’ll give you our favorite tidbit from the class; a teeny tiny tasty treat!

Amusingly, Truant‘s tiny tasty treat isn’t a Johnny original. He stole it from Derek Sivers. But it’s the concept that resonated the most with the class, so it’s the one you get.

Proud alienation.

When carving out a niche for yourself, don’t try to appeal to everyone, and don’t even say, “I guess it’s kinda sorta okay that I don’t appeal to everyone.”

Instead, proudly alienate everyone outside your niche. If you come across as proud of who you are and what you do, regardless of what others think, that’s a strong call-to-arms for your crowd.

Hell yeah, Johnny. We didn’t found the Let’s All Be Friends And Change The World Club. We founded the Freak Revolution, which is about as proudly alienating as you can get.

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