Announcing the 2nd Annual World-Changing Writing Workshop!

Pace and I have been hard at work, crafting and creating the second annual World-Changing Writing Workshop! Long-time fans will remember that last year’s Workshop was a big hit, and we hope to outdo ourselves this year.

We've finalized all the speakers, arranged all the bonuses, and are doing mad amounts of writing, all to achieve the perfect amount of shine and polish so everything sparkles just for you.

Starting today, on Twitter and Facebook, we'll be announcing the speakers – one speaker per day for six days. We'll tell you who they are and what they'll be talking about, and you can start planning your questions and getting ready to dive into the Workshop!

And after we’ve announced all 6 speakers, on Friday, April 29th, we’ll pull the curtain all the way back and reveal all the details about the Workshop. (There’s still some sawdust back there right now, so hang tight.)

The Workshop itself will open for registration on Monday, May 9th – not too long, now! We're certainly excited – and we hope you are, too.

To get in on the pre-launch buzzies, you have lots of options!  You're welcome to:

Any and all of those places will have the information you're tingling to hear, so click, follow, and get ready – the drums are rolling!

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