WCWW2 Tasty Treat: Bindu Wiles

Oh, how I adore Bindu. She’s smart, super-sweet, and a snazzy dresser – and she’s one of the most courageous writers I know.

So we talked a lot about being brave and writing. And I asked, “How do you face these ginormous fears that leap out at us when we’re about to hit publish and we’re just so afraid that someone might be mean to us?”

And she gave my very favorite piece of fear-based writing advice ever.

If you are really afraid, you are writing for the wrong people.

1/3 of people will love you. 1/3 of people will hate you. And 1/3 of people will be completely indifferent.

Your job is to find the third that love you – and then do everything you do with, for, and about them. If you’re a little mole, and you pop up and someone smacks you on the head, go down the road further and pop up again. If again you get hit, go further still – over and over until you pop up and are greeted with cheers and love and adoration.

Then stop. Then write.

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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In other words, I can help you find your path.