WCWW2 Tasty Treat: Pam Slim

Pam is one of our dear friends as well as a mentor to both me and Pace, and we’re so delighted to include her in our WCWW2 lineup. Today’s call was awesome, inspirational, and exciting – and she didn’t even have to whip out her purple belt!

My favorite part? “Why would you buy a new pair of shoes?”

Pace’s answer: “Because my old shoes have hurt my feet for 6 months or more.”

My answer: “Because I saw a pair that caught my eye and I fell in love with them and had to have them!”

Pam was teaching us the differences in motivation styles: toward pleasure and away from pain.

Can you guess which of us is which? Ha!

The value in this is, you can use your knowledge of motivation styles to help motivate your readers. Put something at the end of your writing that tells them what positive effects they can experience – as well as what negative effects they can avoid – and you’ll have ’em motivated in no time!

You can find Pam over at her site and on Twitter.

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