WCWW3 Pay-What-You-Can offer, today only

In this video, Kyeli sings for you, makes a heartfelt confession, and tells you about the today-only offer we’re extending to you. Please take a couple of minutes to watch it before reading the rest of this post.

Here’s what happened.

For the past two years, we’ve filled the World-Changing Writing Workshop. We’ve enrolled about a hundred people each year, and they’ve loved it.

But this year, a smaller number of people are signing up.

We’ve got a star-studded lineup of teachers. We’ve got a solid curriculum, expanded from last year’s based on the feedback we got. Over 1200 people have signed up for the free course, The 6 Steps to World-Changing Writing. We’ve been deeply touched by the feedback we’ve gotten.

So what does it mean that we’re not getting the response we thought we would? The two of us (Kyeli and Pace) have been gnawing on that question for days, and, to be totally honest, kind of freaking out about it.

But now we’re done freaking out. We were able to find peace and stillness, and in that stillness, we listened to our hearts. And as we listened, we heard the answer.

What does it mean? It means we’ve got to be humble. It means we haven’t got it all figured out. It means we’ve got to always remember that despite our best-laid plans, we’ve got to be constantly open and constantly in a posture of humility and service.

Tell me what you know.

And after we listened to our hearts, we listened to you. We especially listened to those of you who wanted to register for the Workshop but didn’t. And what we heard, over and over again, was that it was out of reach for you financially. Not that it was too expensive, just that you couldn’t afford it, or that you couldn’t afford it right now.

The power of world-changing writing

It breaks our hearts for these teachings to reach only a small number of people. We know how important it is to get your words out of your heart and into the world.

Learning the craft of world-changing writing will enable you to make a lasting impact on your readers. You’ll be able to powerfully spread your message and grow your tribe.

Learning the craft of world-changing writing will smoothenate your writing process. We won’t lie and tell you that writing will never be challenging – it’s a transformational practice, after all – but we’ll give you the support you need to make it more smooth, easy, and fun.

Learning the craft of world-changing writing will allow you to find your voice. Once you find your voice, you won’t have to constantly struggle to find readers and keep them paying attention. The strength and clarity of your voice will draw them to you.

So take a moment to imagine, right now: “What would my writing look like if it had impact, smoothness, support, and voice? How would my writing feel?”

If that vision resonates with you, we want to help you get there.

Our offer to you – please read carefully

You can name your own price for the World-Changing Writing Workshop. Before you do, please take a couple of minutes to breathe deeply. Breathe in compassion and acceptance for yourself and your situation. Acknowledge what’s true for you right now, and listen to your heart.

What’s right for you might be a lower price. What’s right for you might be paying the full price with a payment plan. What’s right for you might be paying a lower price with a payment plan.

If you feel so moved, you can offer to sponsor someone else for the Workshop. If you do, be sure to include their email address.

We’ll read every single offer, and check in with our hearts. If our hearts resonate with your offer, then we will wholeheartedly accept your offer! If not, we’ll send you a sweet, gentle email letting you know that we’re sorry, but we couldn’t say yes with integrity.

We will stop accepting offers today (Thursday) at 11:59pm Central time (that’s 10pm Pacific and 1am Eastern), OR when the workshop is full. At the time of this writing, there are 94 spots left.

We’ll reply as quickly as we can, but the heart can’t be rushed. Please be patient.

What we ask of you – please read carefully, too

Don’t skimp on the compassion and acceptance. Take your time to breathe and feel what’s right for you.

Show up for the work. You’re the judge of what “show up” means for you. It might mean making time to be present at every class. It might mean being sure to listen to all the recordings and bonuses. It might mean completing all the exercises in the workbook. Whatever it means to you, make a commitment to yourself before you submit your offer.

For those of you who already registered

Thank you. We deeply appreciate your support.

This offer is open to you, too – retroactively. We don’t want you to feel like you missed out just because you registered earlier.

Here’s the link.

The pay-what-you-can offer is here, where the buy button used to be.

Let the beauty we love
Be what we do
There are hundreds of ways
To kneel and kiss the ground


In love, service, and humility,
Kyeli & Pace

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