This Workshop will teach you what entrepreneurs need to know about writing. Get your message out of your heart and into the world!


Registration is open now and closes at 11:59pm on Thursday, Sep 26.

Class runs from Sep 27 – Oct 25 (5 weeks), wrapping up before NaNoWriMo.


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This year is all-star year – we’ll have an all-star lineup of past presenters; Barbara Sher, Sonia Simone, Danielle LaPorte, and Jonathan Fields. Led, of course, by us – Pace and Kyeli!

All-Star Lineup
We’ve gone through the previous three years of the World-Changing Writing Workshop and chosen the best 4 classes to teach entrepreneurs what they need to know about writing. The classes will not be taught live; we’ll use the recordings and transcripts of those past sessions as teaching material, and we’ll augment it with activities to get students interacting and engaged.

Sample blurbs about the Workshop itself

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The doors are now OPEN for the World-Changing Writing Workshop! Get your message out of your heart and into the world.

The doors are now open for the World-Changing Writing Workshop! Learn what entrepreneurs need to know about writing.

It’s @PaceSmith & @Kyeli’s World-Changing Writing Workshop! Learn from @BarbaraSher @DanielleLaPorte @SoniaSimone @jonathanfields

Pace and Kyeli’s World-Changing Writing Workshop is back for its fourth year running! This year’s theme is what entrepreneurs need to know about writing. Learn from an all-star cast: Barbara Sher, Danielle LaPorte, Sonia Simone, and Jonathan Fields. Grab your seat now – registration closes this Thursday, Sep 26!

It’s time for this year’s World-Changing Writing Workshop! The theme is what entrepreneurs need to know about writing, and the topics covered will be:

  • WORLD-CHANGING: Whether you’re writing a sales page or a book, your writing can make a real difference in people’s lives. Pace and Kyeli will teach you how to transform your writing into world-changing writing.
  • NITTY-GRITTY: Danielle LaPorte will teach you the nitty-gritty of world-changing writing: how to get it done, get it out there, and get the money flowing in.
  • AUDIENCE: You need to get your message to the right people. Sonia Simone will teach you how to find and connect with your right audience.
  • COPYWRITING: You want your audience to take action – to buy, to opt-in, or to share your message. Jonathan Fields will teach you how to write persuasive copy.
  • WRITE: You need to get your message out of your heart and into the world… and to do that, you’ll need to actually write. Barbara Sher will teach you how to sneak around your resistance so you can get your writing done.

It’s going to be fantastic as always, so register now! Registration closes this Thursday, Sep 26.

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