We are all one.

You need to be the change you want to see in the world because without us, there is no change in the world.

We are all one. No, I really mean it. Really really, right now, right this second. We’re all gods, we’re all stars, we’re all dust, we’re all bits of the same soul. We create our universe. Our paradigms and our self-images shape our world, and if we shift those, we shift the world.

Real life is Mage. I live in a world where “superbowl” is a weird word with no meaning and doesn’t get capitalized. I live in a world of positivity. I live in a world where I can get what I want and what I need because I know I can get it. I live in a world without harmful, manipulative relationships because I chose to put a stop to their existence in my world. I live in a world surrounded by people who know me and love me for who and what I am, not for who and what I’m not. In my world, buildings are built with magick, roads are paved when no one’s looking, faeries dance, dragons still breathe fire, unicorns are still in the world in secret places, and I have rats as pets, even with cats.

We give our power to higher divinity because we’re too terrified to claim it for ourselves. We siphon it off in spoonfuls, big and little, to everyone around us because oh man is it risky to own it, to stand in it, to revel in our power. But that higher power, that divinity?

That’s us.

There is no god and we are all god. There is no higher power and we are the higher power. There is no magick and we are all magick. We are they are he is she is we are. We are the wind, the rain, the pebbles, the ocean, the earth and the Earth. We are the mother and the father, the grass and the desert, all creatures great and small. We are each other, I am you and you are me.

I have statues on my altar, symbols of my faith. Now I grok them – they are symbols of me. They are the bits of divinity I see particularly in myself. That gorgeous Gaea, with her full belly and her skin covered with animals and ocean? That’s me. That strong and brave Artemis, with her bow shooting to the sky as she Hunts? That’s me. They are me and I am them. I put my power into them because I was afraid of holding it myself – but that power is mine.

I am the Chosen One because I choose myself.

And you know what? I choose you, too.

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