We just finished the second draft of the book!

We just finished the second draft of The Usual Error! It took us about a month and a half. We ended up not just editing for flow, tone, style, and grammar, as we had originally planned; we made major revisions. The book is far smoother, far more consistent, and far more readable than it was in the first draft. It’s AWESOME!

For the third revision, this weekend we’re going to print out two copies and sit at Austin Java all day, reading it, marking it up with red pens, and reading it out loud to each other.

For the fourth revision, we’ll send copies to all our friends and fans who are interested, and they can mark up the copies with their edits, revisions, and comments. We’ll merge them into the master copy.

For the fifth revision, we’ll send it to a professional editor.

For the sixth and final revision, we’ll go back to Austin Java with the red pens again and make a final pass before publishing.

We’re so excited!!!

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