We made the usual error!

Personally, if we were browsing a website and we read part of a book we liked, we’d buy the tree book instead of the e-book. Especially if the authors were (slowly) giving the e-book away for free.

Apparently, we made the usual error.

We received an email asking if the e-book version of The Usual Error was available for purchase, so we quickly Made It Happen behind the scenes and then replied “Yes!” But he had bought the e-book before we even had a chance to send the reply. (:

So! For your e-reading pleasure, we present to you a downloadable PDF of The Usual Error e-book, for $9.99. (The tree book on Amazon is selling for $14.39 at the moment.)

Here is the place where you click to find out more about the book, or to buy it (as paper or bits).

Thanks, everyone, for your support! We’re thrilled you’re enjoying the book so much!

p.s. If you’ve already read the book, we’d greatly appreciate if you’d write a short Amazon review for us. It only takes a couple of minutes; it doesn’t have to be long and involved. (:

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