Wedding Wednesday: On the Occasion of the Marriage of Pace and Kyeli

Brides the day afterBrides the Day After
by Lynnivere

On the Occasion of the Marriage of
Pace and Kyeli
Regardless of What the Law Says

What are we if we are made of meat?
We paint our bodies with flowers and sighs
And every moment we are loving full force
               Our monkeyspheres and our families.
Love is the change we wish to see and be.

We are constantly recreating ourselves –
Our former selves created in our current image,
Striving for the noble goal that shares
               And bares our souls once more.
The self is always working.

The center of our creation is an ideal-
An ideology. We call this paradigm
Connection. Connected not like bricks
               Glued together but instead like flowers
Growing all up out of the same earth.

We refurbish words through alchemy,
Transfiguring slung mud into the fertile earth.
These words belong to us now –
               Words like Freak and Witch and Wedding.
We have made these words our own.

Our power is an intrinsic quality
Rooted in effective communication.
With our words we can do magic
               That heals, emboldens, and connects.
Our communication. Our connection. Our Love.

November 7, 2009
Gloria Green Blackwell

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