Wedding Wednesday: That’s All, Folks!

I like to let you know when we’ve reached the end of a series, so ta-da! We’ve reached the end of the Wedding Wednesday series. Before we move on to Honeymoon Hump-Days (oy, I need a better title for that), we’ve got a surprise in store for the next few weeks!

But even before that, I wanted to give specific thanks to everyone who made our wedding into the unforgettable faerytale day that it was.

Heather: we would have totally fallen apart without your help, omg. Unbelievable. You did so much for us and kept us going and really made everything happen while keeping us as unstressed as possible. And you provided us with a safe and gorgeous get-away for the hours between reception and evening. Rose petals, omg!

Megan: Liveblogging! Your awesome skillz at typing while listening allowed everyone who wasn’t there to get to be there vicariously.

Kelan: you fed us with flair, you gave the most beautiful, heartwrenching speech, you were amazingly helpful all weekend, and you were so sweet and excited all weekend long (and months beforehand!). Also, you provided the only thing I managed to eat at the reception: a pineapple flower. (:

Ira: you showed up and dug in and helped a huge ton without ever being asked, and wound up being Heather’s right hand man. And you wore that stripy shirt just for me!

Lynnivere: you whisked me away and kept me from being alone the night before, and were a strong grounding force the day of, and held space for the one who couldn’t stay.

Sam and Michael: you provided so much amazing food! Everyone raved about how delicious everything was.

Tanya: you helped a ton during the process, were always excited about it, and kept reminding me how awesome it was going to be.

Kira: your circle casting created the perfect sacred space for us.

Warren: you perfectly executed our soundtrack.

Nathan: you made our ceremony perfect. Perfect.

Christi: you made our flowers! They were stunningly gorgeous! You also kept me sane by being on-call for me the week ramping up. For months, you were always excited about the big day which kept me excited instead of panicked – and you reminded me to breathe. You also provided both our flower girls! (;

Amanda: omg, cupcakes, holy crap. You pretty much made them and decorated them on your own, and all with a newborn baby (you had some help, I know, but you certainly wrangled and managed your helpers). You also helped us both stay sane and made me feel special and helped me with a crisis the night before the wedding – and I could relax, knowing you were on top of things for the day for Pace.

Our wedding was exactly what we both wanted – a community event, where we were surrounded by family and friends. We were both blown away by all the love and support we received.

We have so much gratitude in our hearts for everyone involved – those named and those unnamed. Long will our memories be full of your faces, your kindnesses, and your love.

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