Wedding Wednesday: Vows, part three

Our final vow was a silly in-joke.

that no random shoes we may come across shall bring forth the end of our relationship, be they single or in pairs.

Once, long ago, at the very beginning of our relationship, Pace and I went for a walk. On this walk, we discussed many things, including potential incompatibilities. Stressful but good, we walked hand-in-hand in the moonlight through the chill autumn air.

When lo! We did come upon a lone shoe, abandoned and forsaken in the night. The moon did shine upon the racing stripe, and upon seeing it, Pace let out a mighty wail.

“Ooooooooh, Kyeli! A shoe! A lone shoe! Surely, surely now our relationship is doomed!” And she did begin to whimper.

I, being the rational and calm one, said simply, “Pace, if a lone shoe causes doom upon our relationship, surely, surely we have bigger problems than we think.”

My words did reach her ears, and she did begin to giggle and collapse into my arms, professing her love for me. That day, we did decide that no shoe, be it alone or in a pair, would ever cause doom upon us.

And there you have it. (:

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