We’ll be self-publishing The Usual Error!

We’ve been talking with our friends and doing a lot of research into traditional vs. self-publishing. I feel a lot more informed and confident now. And the winner is… SELF-PUBLISHING! By a landslide!

Here are all the reasons we decided to go with self-publishing.

  • You make more money per copy.
  • You have more control over the content and layout.
  • If your first run does poorly, it’s not a death sentence for your book.
  • You retain the rights to do whatever you want with the content.

And here are the reasons we don’t care about the advantages of traditional publishing.

  • Marketing. We’re planning on becoming famous and doing our own marketing anyway.
  • Distribution. We don’t care so much about getting into old-fashioned brick-and-mortar bookstores, …

Eh, fuck this post. It’s all bullshit logical reasons. The real reason I feel passionately about self-publishing is because I want to damn the man. I think the existing publishing paradigm is old, outdated, and doomed to fall. I want to help topple it. I don’t want any gatekeepers on what can and can’t be said, what is and isn’t worthy. Let the people decide. If it’s good, people will buy it. If it’s not, they won’t. That’s a hell of a better criterion for a book’s success than anything the publishing community uses.

Self-publishing is a very connection paradigm thing to do. Share your information freely, without gatekeepers, without (implicit or explicit) censorship, without supporting the old paradigm. We’re going to self-publish and it is going to ROCK.

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