What a time we’re having!

What a time we’re having!

In 10 days, we’ve bought the entire Usual Error Project, finished the third edit pass for the book, gotten the book mailed out to all our external editors, I’ve gotten divorced, I got my lip pierced, we failed at zombieoke but I did watch people get zombified, we started a crazy blog-o-thon (more on that later) and came up with excellent methods of keeping on track, we spontaneously went to Dallas in the middle of the night and saved my mom and brother, we found lots of houses in our price range, we gave our first Toastmasters speeches (with rousing success), we got rid of Anne, we’ve gotten an incredibly awesome new litter box, we’ve spent several days with my mom and brother and it’s been awesome, I got severely dehydrated and am now rehydrating, we’re entirely refurnishing the Boy’s room today, and tomorrow we’re getting rid of the fish and I’m getting a haircut and spending quality time with my mom.

Our life rocks!

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