What if you choose to nourish yourself instead of tuning out?

What might you feel like if you chose to spend your time doing things that were fulfilling as well as relaxing, instead of just tuning out and turning off?

Pace and I learned about a zillion lessons from the WCWW3 PWYC sale, and I think the biggest and most valuable one can be summed up thusly: Choose to nourish yourself over vegging out.

Watch this video to hear all my musings on the subject. (06:01)

Instead of spending a week moping and playing video games (vegging out), we chose to work really hard, face a lot of fears, and create the PWYC offer – which was hella nourishing! Today, I muse on why we made that choice, how it changed us, and why it’s important to get both kinds of time. And, of course, I challenge you to try it for yourself!

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