What Kind of Revolutionary Are You?

Here’s a conversation with Daniel Quinn about how to change the world. It’s really good. Go read it, especially if you’re a Quinn fan.

A summary of the conversation:

The Author writes a book containing revolutionary ideas. The Friend reads the book and recommends it to The Business Owner. The book changes the way The Business Owner runs his business, thereby changing the way his competitors do business, thereby changing the world.

How neat! Three different types of revolutionaries all working together!

Three Types of Revolutionaries:

1. The Artist

The Artist changes the world by creating revolutionary art, books, movies, music, blog posts — anything that can reach and inspire a large number of people.

In Quinn’s example, The Artists are authors: Paul Hawken and Daniel Quinn himself. In the Freak Revolution Manifesto, we talk about The Artist type of revolutionary on page 30.

2. The Friend

The Friend changes the world by connecting with a small number of people and sharing revolutionary ideas with them.

This is the type of revolutionary that Quinn says is the most important. And in the Freak Revolution Manifesto, it’s on page 27.

3. The Business Owner

The Business Owner changes the world by doing business in a revolutionary and effective way. This creates a larger change in the market, forcing competitors to revolutionize as well.

The Business Owner in Quinn’s example is Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface, Inc. And we’ve talked about this type of revolutionary in our blog post “How can small businesses change the world without being evil?“.

4. You?

What other types of revolutionaries can you think of?

What type of revolutionary are you?

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