When getting out of a bad situation feels like a slog

We’re packing up all our earthly belongings and cramming them into a Honda Fit. We’re about to begin a family road trip and visit lots of beautiful, amazing national parks. We’re moving to Portland, a city we’ve been in love with for years.

And it feels like a slog.

No joy, no excitement, just drudgery. Sort the stuff. Pack the boxes. Load the car. Sell the RV. Sell the truck. Blah, blah, blah.

Kyeli noticed this, and said, “When we were getting ready to live in the RV, we were super excited. Now that we’re moving out of the RV, I’m not really excited at all.”

The way she phrased it made it clear:

Last time, we were moving toward. This time, we’re moving away from.

Last time, we were moving toward the unknown, toward the open road, toward adventure.

This time, we’re moving away from an expensive lifestyle, away from stress, away from discomfort.

But all it takes is one perspective shift.

“Kyeli,” I said. “What if, instead of moving away from the RV, we moved toward Portland? Toward the city we’re both in love with? Toward friends and community? Toward delicious vegan food?”

We’re now moving toward Portland, and we’re getting that excited feeling in our bellies again.

Toward instead of away from – that’s all it took.

What are you moving away from that feels like a slog? Could you choose to move toward something instead?

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