Woman is within.

Goddess Temple, Indian Springs, Nevada

Without uterus, I am still woman.
Without ovaries, I am still woman.
Without breasts, I am still woman.

With short hair or long, I am still woman.
With pride, with fierceness, with bold strides, I am still woman.
With fire flashing in my eyes, I am woman.

Curvy, geeky, spiritual or cynical,
with child or without,
pleasant, angry, gentle or soft.

For woman is in my heart, in my song.
Woman is the breath I breathe, the way I move, the way I hold my lover close.
Woman is the steps I take, the path I tread.
Woman in my eyes, in my spirit, in my grace.
Woman is the way I hold myself, the way I nurture and love and connect.

I free myself from the chains of your definitions, and I free my sisters, too.

Woman is within.
Woman is self-defined.
Woman is.

I am woman.

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