Writer, unblock thyself.

Jump Shot Series 1

I no longer believe in “writer’s block”.

I credit SARK – during our call for the WCWW2, she reminded us that we have the power to unblock anything – and that resisting can be (and usually is) more exhausting than actually doing.

I compiled it with Patti’s reminder: You have exactly what you need, right now. Just write.

I’ve had a few weeks for this to sink in. Boulders dropped down, down, down into my still quiet inner pools where my deepest changes begin.

I’ve had some resistance to writing lately. I’ve got too many books on the writing burners, I think – my memoir, two eBooks, and a novel, all singing and wanting my attention. And I’ve had a little baby spark of something new start to creep in and wave its tiny little hands and finally start making enough noise that I can’t ignore it anymore.

So I’m feeling like a door with too many creatures trying to squeeze through all at once. The words gum up and I get frustrated, and then I just avoid avoid avoid.

But there’s no such thing as writers block!

And I don’t need to wait for the right moment or the right setting or the right words!

How empowering.

I am quivery-shivery with this newfound yet somehow ancient knowledge, bubbling up from within me, echoing in SARK’s happy giggles and Patti’s wise reflections. But I lean in and listen harder, and I realize that it’s my voice.

My voice, my inner self, my sweet gentle wise soul whispering to me, using voices like puppets to dance past my resistance.

And I sit.

And I choose to write.

Instead of feeling stuck and trapped and lost and resistant and weary and sad and mad and frustrated and avoidant and afraid, I sit at my computer.

I take a deep breath.

I connect with myself – with that scared frustrated worried me, with that wise gentle me, with that excited creative me.

I connect with the Divine.

I breathe – and I write.

How empowering.

How amazing.

How awesome – literally awe-some. I feel awed at myself for moving through what I thought was impenetrable stuck, like goo spilled all over my words.

The truth is here. The truth is, we choose to create. Or we choose to avoid, to resist.

And it’s okay, either way. Darling, if you need to resist and avoid, I hear you. I have days like that, too. It’s okay.

But it’s okay to choose to get yourself out of the stuck and create, too.

It’s okay to choose to create even when you still feel stuck.

It’s okay if your creation sucks.

It’s okay if your creation is for you and you alone.

It’s okay if your creation is so incredibly amazing, it instantly lands you an award or a zillion dollars.

It’s okay for your creation to be anything and anywhere in between.

But it is not okay for your creation to go uncreated forever. That’s tragic. Don’t choose that.

Because it is your choice – and you may not like it. You may not believe me right now, and that’s okay too. I promise you, you have a choice.

I hope and pray that you choose yes, whatever that means for you. Create. Write. Sing. Dance. Weave underwater. Whatever moves you, whatever lights you up – when you’re feeling stuck and feeling blocked, you have the power to unblock yourself.

Indeed, in all the universe, you are the only thing that can unblock yourself.

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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