In keeping with my annual tradition (2010, 2009, 2008), I’m reflecting on everything that’s happened this year. I usually do this on Samhain Eve, but I didn’t make time for it this October, which is why you get two extra months here.

In 2011, I ramped up my DDR: I AAAed 11 more catas (compared to just 2 in 2010) and I played random endless 8s for two hours and twelve minutes straight. We watched Coupling, Psych, Bones, Death Note, and Hikaru no Go. We finished Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and started Midsomer Murders. The most interesting video games I played were Sakura Wars, Lost in Shadow, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Bastion, and Sequence. My favorite game of 2011 was Terraria; I loved playing multiplayer with Dru and Kyeli. My favorite books of 2011 were Made to Stick, Influence, The Art of Happiness, The Art of Power, Uncertainty, Anything You Want, and Making a Change for Good. I practiced openness, compassion, and kindness.

In November 2010, we released 52 Weeks to Awesome 2.0, and we signed up for Mark Silver’s Opening the Moneyflow course.

In December 2010, we went on a big family road trip all the way to Portland and back, and we instituted our 2011 Book-Buying Ban.

In January, we celebrated our son Dru’s 13th birthday and arranged a coming-of-age ceremony for him.

In February, I taught Profitable Idealism with Johnny B. Truant. We went to Portland for Mark Silver’s Sacred Moment seminar and our two-day in-person coaching session for Opening the Moneyflow.

In March, Johnny and Rhi stayed with us for SXSW (where we went badgeless again), and we spent lots of time with the two of them, Kelly, Andy, and Susan. Also, we told the story of The Usual Error.

In April, Kyeli hurt her knee and we prepared for WCWW2.

In May, we launched the 2nd Annual World-Changing Writing Workshop (WCWW2). This was the first time we closed registration on a course because it got too full.

In June, we taught WCWW2 and went to Portland for World Domination Summit, with Kyeli in a wheelchair.

In July, we traded in our old car, Aimee, for our new car, Izzabella, and we saw Owl City in concert with Dru.

In August, we released the WCWW2 home study, and I took Pam Slim’s Power Teaching class. Also, we completed our 2011 book-buying ban a few months early, and Nathan Briggs rescued our website from hackers.

In September, Kyeli went to Los Angeles for Colleen Wainwright’s birthday party, the culmination of 50 for 50. We began our first coaching groups; a Pathfinder Apprenticeship group for me and a Writing Apprenticeship group for Kyeli. I thought a lot about who to trust, and we started checking email no more than twice a day. I created “Kyeli is…” with the help of many of Kyeli’s friends. It made her really happy. We went vegan (again). And we had a great big Annual Meeting to plan out what we wanted to accomplish in 2012. Last but not least, Kyeli’s arms stopped working.

In October, we hired our first assistant, and I created Best of Everything 5.0, 5 CDs full of my very favorite musick. Kelly and I started preparing for The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur.

In November, we presented How Your Blog Can Change the World at Blogworld LA, and Kyeli and Julica launched Permission to Make a Difference. Kyeli and I went on a cruise for our 6th anniversary. We saw Mayan ruins, went snorkeling in Cozumel, and I acquired an interest in stage magic and copywriting! (Also, it was very lovely and romantic.)

In December, we rearranged our house to give Kyeli a creative studio. We started our 30-day trial of going gluten-free to see if I have a gluten allergy. We celebrated Yule, and I came up with a fun quest for Kyeli and Dru to rescue their presents from danger. And Kyeli went on Memoir Madness: a mini-roadtrip to visit all the places she’s lived in Texas.

I began 2011 empowered and connected, full of hopes and dreams. In the first half of 2011, I grew, changed, deepened, worked, and those dreams started coming true. In the second half of 2011, I lost touch with those dreams. I let shiny pebbles fill up my jar, leaving no room for my Great Work. I started taking my connection for granted, and it faded. It faded so slowly that I didn’t realize what was happening until this very moment.

I end 2011 humbled, full of renewed connection to my purpose, understanding in my bones that it is my responsibility to nourish and sustain that connection.

I finally see the single best thing I can do to fulfill my dreams, to help others, and to change the world. I’ve been teaching it for years, and now I think it’s finally sunk in.

In 2012, I promise to take good care of myself: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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