You are loved and supported.

The incredible Jen Louden, whom we admire and adore, asked us to be part of her amazing compilation of stories by women, telling how they are stepping into their callings.

Jen has struck gold here. She’s seriously on to something.

There’s a vibe, an ever-increasing wave of intense change rolling slowly, creeping into the chinks in our armor. A little piece at a time, we’re opening our hearts. One tiny step after another, we’re reaching out, finding our voices, holding out our hands and connecting with others. More and more, people are standing up to be counted – stepping fully out into their journeys.

Emerging to stand in the sun.

Pace and I wanted to make sure you know: you are loved and supported.

Click here to download the entire awe-inspiring, sweet, comforting, beautiful, moving, love-fest.

This – this big change, this shift, this rolling wave – is what the Connection Revolution is all about.

Welcome to the sun, friends.

And if the video isn’t embedded or isn’t working for you, you can click here to see it on

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