Your Imaginary Monkeysphere

In the Freak Revolution Manifesto, we talk about diversifying your monkeysphere as a way to change the world. In the manifesto, we’re talking about getting to know a diverse group of people.

Today, we’re talking about doing the exact same thing with imaginary people instead of real people.

Produce Imaginary Lesbians

If you’re an artist (author, screenwriter, painter, poet, whatever), create art that diversifies others’ monkeyspheres. Create art that broadens the mind. Create art that helps people connect with those who appear different, unfamiliar, or freaky.

Consume Imaginary Lesbians

Even if you didn’t have any lesbian friends, you might still have some lesbians in your monkeysphere from watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or even The L Word.

Can you think of books, movies, or TV shows that portray other types of freaks as actual human beings that you can relate to and empathize with? Bisexuals? Poly people? Transsexuals? Homeschoolers? Raw foodists? Pagans? Muslims?

Consume more of those. Stretch your boundaries a little. Learn about people who you’re not already comfortable and familiar with. It can be fiction or nonfiction — reading someone’s autobiography can certainly pull them into your monkeysphere.

Freak Revolution Book Club

What are your recommendations for monkeysphere-diversifying books (or any other kind of art), and why?

How about reading a book that someone else recommends?

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